Few words About Us

When asked who we are, we can say that:

Responsible and goal-oriented team. Despite the implementation of a large number of projects, often with a tight schedule, we always meet the deadlines for the implementation of the contract. Thanks to an extensive team of designers, we guarantee the continuity of work on projects even in the event of random accidents or during vacation periods.

We are open to investors’ suggestions and we are consensual. We are looking for optimal solutions and project optimization.

Our Team

  • Ewelina Bożacka

  • Krzysztof Stępniewski

  • Jan Jarmusz

  • Dorothy Michalska

  • dr Magdalena Lazarek-Janowska

  • dr hab. Izabela Dembińska

  • dr inż. Łukasz Marzantowicz

  • dr inż. Maciej Jarmusz

  • Karolina Koronacka

  • Mateusz Mateńko

  • Tomasz Tur

  • Krzysztof Podbielski

  • Monika Madrak

  • Klaudia Gibas-Raczycka

  • Barbara Sagittarius-Paszkiewicz

  • Patrycja Bednarkiewicz

Ewelina Bożacka

President of the Board

e-mail: e.bozacka(at)archice.eu

Ewelina Bożacka has co-created the company from the start, i.e. since 1998. She is responsible for day-to-day operations of the company and its expansion in new directions.

She received a degree of MEng. in Architecture from the Szczecin University of Technology, Faculty of Construction Engineering and Architecture. She holds an unrestricted building license for architectural design, license no. 69/Sz/2001. For 15 years now, she has successfully executed construction and working designs for large-size buildings.
She has designed industrial buildings (industrial halls for a variety of uses, heat and power plants, etc.), public buildings (opera houses, multifunctional halls, cinemas, shopping malls, etc.), as well as single and multi-family housing, social housing, sports facilities.

She worked with the best European consulting companies, such as PM Group, Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick& Co. Ltd; Ernst & Young Sp. z o.o. on the implementation of the most prestigious projects in Poland, including: the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, and the airports in Wroclaw, Szczecin and Krosno.

A consultant with experience in applying for funds from external sources, including from the EU since 1999. She has prepared several dozen important applications for EU funding for projects in areas such as public buildings (cultural facilities, schools, social assistance and sports facilities, etc.), and road construction, which received funds totalling over PLN 4 billion and had a major impact on both regional and national development.

She took part in the implementation of projects under pre-accession instruments, e.g.: Phare, Ispa , Interreg, post-accession programmes from the budget line 2004 -1006, e.g.: Integrated Regional Development Programme (IRDP), Operational Programme “Transport”, and in current programmes, i.e. Regional Operational Programmes, Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment”.

She delivered lectures at the Academy of European Integration in Szczecin. Working within the framework of the Pipeline project, she conducted training courses for government entities, including Expert Panels, on the preparation and implementation of investment projects seeking EU financing. At present, she acts as a project evaluation expert for implementing authorities at the regional, national and international levels.

She worked as part of the PM Group Polska team to develop Blue Books for transport projects.

He has access to classified information up to the level SECRET, EU and NATO Secret.

Krzysztof Stępniewski

Proxy/Finance Director

e-mail: k.stepniewski(at)archice.eu

A graduate of the AGH University of Science Technology in Kraków with a degree of MEng in Management Science. He is in charge of the company’s finances. He is a specialist in financial analysis and raising capital from external sources. He has extensive knowledge of financial analysis and forecasting, EU funding, negotiations, finance and management. He worked for the best European consulting companies, such as PM Group, Ernst & Young Sp. z o.o.

He is not afraid of challenges. He has experience performing economic analyses for the most complex construction projects, e.g.: linear structures (for the S3 expressway within the section Nowe Miasteczko – Legnica -A4, value of the project: PLN 1.7 billion), airport construction projects (in Wrocław, Legnica, Krosno, Modlin and Szczecin).

He has drawn up several dozen important economic and financial analyses, business plans, and feasibility studies of investment ventures. Moreover, he provides financial advice, performs audits of financial statements of companies, prepares financial forecasts for banks and EU institutions. He acts as a project evaluation expert for implementing authorities at the regional, national and international levels.

He has access to classified information up to the SECRET, EU and NATO Secret levels.

Jan Jarmusz

Proxy / Consulting Department Manager

Tel: +48 91 880 38 93
e-mail: j.jarmusz(at)archice.eu

Since 2010, he has been involved in advising on investment projects in the public and private sectors. He took part in the preparation of over 20 applications for financing through regional and national operational programmes, the European Commission funds (LIFE programme), the EEA Financial Mechanism and national resources. He is a co-author of feasibility studies for large-size buildings, transport and infrastructure projects Moreover, he took part in the preparation of investment attractiveness studies and development strategies of local government units.

He graduated from the Maritime University of Szczecin, the Faculty of Engineering and Economics, the field of Management and Production Engineering, with a major in Logistics and Management in the European Transport System.

Dorothy Michalska

She graduated from the Faculty of Management and Service Economics at the University of Szczecin. She has many years of experience gained in public administration and the private sector, where she was responsible for administrative and organizational matters.

In the company, she is responsible for administrative matters related to the office’s activities, office services and personnel matters.

dr Magdalena Lazarek-Janowska

Adviser and Consultant

Tel: +48 531 557 252  
e-mail: consulting(at)archice.eu

A specialist in the settlement of projects financed both from EU and private funds. She started her adventure with issues related to financial project management at the Voivodship Labor Office in Szczecin.

At Archica, she is primarily responsible for the control and financial settlement of projects, coordination and verification of financial events and the analytical side of the project. He actively participates in co-creating applications for
co-financing from national operational programs for many areas of economic life, such as: thermal modernization, renewable energy, research and development projects, culture and revitalization as well as “soft” projects.

In addition, she successfully associates the acquired professional practice with academic life, conducting classes in such subjects as: economic policy, market research or financing of EU projects. In 2014, she obtained a PhD in economics at the University of Szczecin. Conducts training in the field of obtaining EU funds, including Local Action Groups, Leader +, environmental education projects that are passionate about her.

Privately, a happy mother of two girls and husband’s wife 🙂

dr hab. Izabela Dembińska

Coach, Adviser and Consultant

e-mail: consulting(at)archice.eu

She has practical experience in implementing and executing economic projects in the area of logistics, production and commerce.

Her areas of specialisation include:

  • multi-criteria analysis and optimisation of logistics processes
  • application of problem solving methods,
  • outsourcing in the area of logistics, maps
  • project management,
  • customer relationship management
  • corporate social responsibility
  • management in local government units.

She carried out economic projects for leading companies, such as:  Stora Enso, IKEA, Demolen, Baltic Wood, Berti, Franke Polska, Castorama, Twój Styl, Mercedes Benz, Makro Cash, Nestle in the following areas:

  • Warehouse audits, including identification of bottlenecks and making suggestions for short and long-term improvements.
  • Diagnosis and redesign of supply processes for the company’s head office, including the analysis of possibilities of introducing changes in the information system.
  • AI system for tracking warehouse and production processes.
  • Determining the maximum capacity of the current warehouse system in light of the production requirements.
  • Multi-criteria analysis of stocks and supply policy, and the resulting flows of goods for several dozen of indexes, including the costs of transport of the Central Warehouse and logistics service providers.

As a corporate coach, she delivered both in-company and open training courses in:

  • logistics (mainly supply chain management, mapping and analysis of logistics processes, logistics infrastructure, transport),
  •  methods of solving process problems,
  • customer service,
  • CRM,
  • corporate social responsibility,
  • project management.

Moreover, she coordinated or participated in a number of research projects, also international ones. Author of expert reports and opinions, and expert at the National Centre for Research and Development. She authored about 200 publications on logistics, transport and customer relationship.

dr inż. Łukasz Marzantowicz

Adviser and Consultant

e-mail: consulting(at)archice.eu

Adviser and consultant on logistics optimisation, implementation and operation of logistics projects. Practitioner in the area of training, implementation and effectiveness of economic projects and logistics management.

His areas of specialisation include:

  • Optimisation of logistics processes – supply, production and distribution
  • Activity-based costing in logistics
  • Multi-criteria analysis of logistics processes
  • Quality in logistics
  • Logistics management and business economics
  • Effectiveness and tools of logistics process reengineering
  • Warehouse management

He conducted economic projects for leading Polish and international companies, such as: Stora Enso, Franke Polska, Ikea, DS Produkte GMBH, Volkswagen Polska, Carbo Holding Sp. z o.o. in the field of:

  • Analysis of the processes of production-related logistics, with a particular focus on stocks and supply policy in the context of releasing the capital tied up in material flows.
  • Analysis of logistics processes and procedures in the logistics centre for Western Europe, including a study of various possible solutions in the area of warehouse management, stocks, intercontinental and European transport
  • Analysis and optimisation of processes in the chain’s Central Warehouse
  • A restructuring project aimed at optimising the logistics system of the following stages: supply; materials and raw materials warehouse; production-related logistics; finished goods warehouse; dispatch

As a corporate coach, he delivered a series of training courses in:

  • Purchasing and supply management
  • Optimisation of logistics processes in the context of international trade
  • Optimisation of logistics and production processes, strategic decisions concerning the supply chain
  • Process management in supply chains, multi-criteria analysis and decision making
  • Optimisation of the sphere of procurement and production logistics
  • Logistics management

Author of expert reports, opinions and numerous studies published both in Poland and abroad. Coordinator or participant of research projects on supply chain management and international procurement logistics. Lecturer on postgraduate programmes.

dr inż. Maciej Jarmusz

SMS advisor and moderator

e-mail: consulting(at)archice.eu

A specialist in the field of complex and object-oriented automation as well as control systems and operational management. Advisor and moderator, and creator of many procedures for the Safety Management System (SMS). He has many years of experience in this field confirmed by international qualification certificates (IATA / ATDI air carrier associations) in the field of:

  • Operational management at airports, including 12 years of internship as a managing director of a large enterprise and 6 years of internship as a person responsible for maintaining operational safety standards (Safety Manager)
  • Optimization of investment and operation processes
  • Implementation and supervision over the implementation of operational safety management mechanisms at airports

Karolina Koronacka

Senior Architect

Tel: +48 535 491 121
e-mail: k.koronacka(at)archice.eu

She graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning in 2010, and Architecture and Interior Design in 2011.

She has been with Archice since 2014.

A minimalist/Designing allows her to explore all mechanisms that underlie reality.

Mateusz Mateńko


Tel: +48 535 491 121
e-mail: architekci(at)archice.eu

A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in Szczecin in 2006. He also completed postgraduate studies in interior design. Laureate of several student competitions. Involved in the activities of scientific circles and participant in many architectural workshops.

He specializes in residential and service architecture, especially in commercial facilities and petrol stations. He gained practice in several reputable Szczecin offices. He has developed several dozen residential projects. He has been working with Archice since 2014, leading and coordinating a comprehensive range of topics. Works well in 3d modeling and visualizations. Working in this industry is the realization of his eternal passion, and the opportunity to engage and look for appropriate solutions gives him a lot of professional satisfaction.

When designing, he is always guided by the thought of Peter Zumthor:

“Architecture is the frame and background for the passing life, a sensitive vessel for the rhythm of steps on the floor, for concentration at work, for the silence of sleep”

Privately, a father of 2 children. Alternative music enthusiast. Cinema enthusiast and collector.

Tomasz Tur


A graduate of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the Szczecin University of Technology, which he graduated with a diploma in 2001.

He gained professional practice by working in Szczecin studios, and by running an independent design practice on many different projects in the field of housing, industrial and interior design.
He confirmed his professional experience by obtaining the right to design in the architectural specialty without restrictions No. 29 / ZPOIA / OKK / 2010.

Krzysztof Podbielski


A graduate of the Szczecin University of Technology – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, major in Architecture and Town Planning – graduated in 2007.
He participated in the development of projects of various scale and complexity, including passive buildings, collective residence buildings, restaurants, SPA buildings, buildings in frame technology, interior designs, multi-family buildings, monument conservation projects, furniture designs.

Monika Madrak

Phone: +48 601 888 895
E-mail: m.madrak(at)archice.eu

A graduate of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, majoring in Architecture and Urban Planning. She gained her professional experience during her studies in the Szczecin design office. After graduation, she started working in the profession.

She participated in the creation of many projects of various topics and scales, m.in. single-family buildings, multi-family buildings, service and public utility facilities.

Designing is her passion, and she treats each new topic as an individual and unique challenge and a new experience.

He believes that nothing inspires like traveling to new places. When creating projects, he tries to look for inspiration that will allow him to open up to new solutions and introduce a fresh look at a given topic.

She has been associated with Archice since 2019.

Klaudia Gibas-Raczycka


Tel: +48 535 491 121
e-mail: architekci(at)archice.eu

She graduated from the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. She develops her passion for architecture by participating in numerous training courses, workshops and conferences.

She joined Archice in July 2015.

Barbara Sagittarius-Paszkiewicz

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of Poznań University of Technology – diploma 2017.


She began her professional experience during her studies during internships in Poznań and Szczecin design offices and numerous workshops on passive construction and construction of natural materials.

After her studies, she became professionally involved with Szczecin, where she participated in the development of projects m.in residential, skeletal, energy-saving, service, public utility, technical, as well as reconstructions, modernization, interior design and furniture projects. He also deals with 3D modeling and visualizations.

She wants to shape a space that is functional and aesthetic. He likes to do the project from macro scale to micro scale. Each project is treated individually as a new challenge, thanks to which it acquires experience.

In addition to architecture, her passion is diving, traveling and painting.

She has been associated with Archice since April 2019.

Patrycja Bednarkiewicz

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the West Pomeranian University of Technology. She earned her master’s degree in early 2017.

During her studies she started working with one of the renowned offices in Szczecin, gaining experience on various projects in micro and macro scale. He designs paying attention to ergonomics and human needs, while not forgetting aesthetics.

Industry designers

Our team includes experienced designers in the construction industry,
sanitary, electricity, teletechnical, road, hydrotechnical and environmental protection.
We work with technologists, experts for fire protection and occupational health and safety.