Project Description

Motel Kolbaskowo

The subject of the study was the preparation of a functional-spatial concept of the hotel together with a wedding hall for 300 people. The concept was to phase out the investment. In the first phase, the main hotel was built with an adjacent wedding hall. The second stage provided for the construction of a building for hotel rooms, connected by a ground-floor connecting post to the main building. The facades are enriched by spacious glazing opening to an attractive area around the property. On the ground floor, just behind the main entrance, a part of the administration serving the hotel, technical, social and sanitary facilities is planned. Kitchen facilities serving the wedding hall and restaurant are available at a separate entrance. Separate entrances are designed for the wedding hall and restaurant. Between the wedding hall and the restaurant there are mobile partitions allowing the division or after they are slipped the combination of two spaces.

  • Plot size Pd = 18 800 m2
  • Built-in area Pz = 923 m2
  • Usable area Pu = 1 922 m2
  • Volume K = 9 530 m2